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Regarding the RT Button: do you copy-paste the javascript per post or is it a one-time install only, say you only paste it on the About Me box and then it already works for all posts?


you should have a look to the following post instead

The microplaza RTbutton I was using doesn’t work anymore.

You should copy the javascript ONCE.

Customize -> Theme -> search for  <div class=”post”>  -> then follow the insruction on my blog post…

Hope it helps!

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4th anniversary on Twitter and my influence graph

Celebrating 4th anniversary on Twitter

Today is my 4th anniversary on Twitter, joined on December the 11th, 2006 [account: tigresse]. For the story, I lost my pwd and 8 days after signup-ed for tigressse with 3 ‘s’. 

Influence graph

Let’s have a look at the origin, the line of influence I result from

@daveying99 joined on the 20/11/2006 who influences

@tlg joined on the 24/11/2006 who influences

@xdamman joined on the 10/12/2006 who influences me. In my turn, influences other friends, etc.

The first two living in Sweden at that time and Xavier and I in Spain. Wondering how interesting it could be for a sociologist to study this kind of social graph.

Another dinosaur, early adopter in Belgium who is at the origin of another graph: @roald brougth @jacobeus , … etc, both joined on 28/09/2006

Something interesting I have learned looking at the early adopters profile: being the first doesn’t mean you have more influence in the twittosphere in the way we understand it today. They are not the ones with the most followers. Oh yes students exceed the master . An exception in Belgium being vpieters with +100,000 folowers (joined on the 17/11/2006).

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Any ideas on contest we could host to reward girls with a trip to a robotic and artificial intelligence lab located in Germany?

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Science and Engineering can be fun!

On Saturday November 20th, I am giving workshops on Engineering stuff to teen girls with almost no materials (at the moment). The event is free and targeted 11-15 years old Dutch, French, English -speaking girls. It will be taking place at the premises of the International School of Brussels.

So, I am open to any suggestion. My first idea came out with some Lego Mindstorm programming but I don’t have one. May be should I ask LEGO to borrow couple of them? Humm.. Or make some math computation and search using Wolfram? Or doing some virtual MEMS nanofabrication? The last one is tough to implement!

Well, the Greenlight for Girls Foundation is looking for sponsors, speakers, workshop leaders, volunteers.. If you too, feel like spreading science and engineering among teens girls, come and join the move!

LinksFacebook, FlickrTwitter

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#school20 at #cafeN, collecting feedback

Gosh, what a nice surprise! See by yourself, tons of tweets shared

Dear #school20 #cafeN attendees (ustream attendees included), we are collecting your precious feedbacks, likes and dislikes. Thanks for sharing at or with a comment here..

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Install a Retweet button on Tumblr (bis)

Last August I posted how to Install a retweet button on Tumblr. Up to now, I was using the Microplaza RTbutton, since it no longer works, as people searching on the web and getting directed on my post I find it useful to write a new one.

The RTbutton I have chosen  RTButton has been designed by backtype*. The number 10 being the current number the link has been tweeted. To tweet a link, you only have to clic “retweet”.

Below is an updated version, how to install a RTButton on Tumblr in 2 steps.

You need to define this little piece of javascript before <div class=”post”>, it will configure the button to have the correct title and retweets count. You can also adapt it to change the leading part (ie: tweetcount_src = “RT @tigressse”) and if you want to keep the backtype attribution (tweetcount_via = true) or if you want the link to be opened in new window (tweetcount_links = true), the button size (“large” or “small”), the background color (ie: ‘FFFFFF’), the border color (ie: ‘CCCCCC’), the “retweet” text color (ie: ‘00CED1’).

<script type="text/javascript">

tweetcount_url = "{Permalink}"; var t = document.createElement('p'); t.innerHTML = "{Title}"; tweetcount_title = t.textContent ; tweetcount_src = "RT @tigressse:"; tweetcount_via = false; tweetcount_links = true; tweetcount_size = "large"; tweetcount_background = 'FFFFFF'; tweetcount_border = 'CCCCCC'; tweetcount_text = '00CED1'; tweetcount_api_key = '5c3bba3f5d77a46a13453091e36dc1cde4335e9299a1edeeaa3c31d193b33fda';


Then you need to add this second piece of javascript where you want the button to appear (note that you can change the div style). A nice place to put the button is just before the title of the post, you add :

<div style="float: right;">

<script type="text/javascript" src="">



* For other button, see the TweetMeme button.

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Academics researchers are Selfish, Paranoid

After couple of years analyzing the world of researchers (and one* in particular), exchanging point of views with friends , it seems like researchers** are paranoid, they don’t WANT to share their knowledge - even those fell into common knowledge heritage - due to an extreme (beyond understanding!?) fear of being scooped***?! And definitively a strong jealousy of being surpassed by colleagues (local or worldwide).

Here are my conclusion: They don’t want to collaborate, they will never collaborate. The actual intrinsic structure don’t allow that. So, stop dreaming about web 2.0 features to make that working. There is no miracle, if someone don’t share offline what is the reason he should do so online?

I am probably wrong! If so, do you want to share some real experiences of research 2.0? The debate is open…

Engineers / scientists build on others works!

* the word “community” will not be appropriate, “research lab” is suitable.

** Of course some exceptions may exists: the computer sciences area (thanks to the open-source spirit) and life science (well, generally they share database; it’s a start, it’s ok).

*** Really like the examples by scenarios probabilities from OpenWetWare about getting scooped

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Apple’s Time Capsule and Nabaztag’s connection issues - two green lights and one blinking orange

You too, had your Nabaztag working fine and since you are using the Apple’s Time Capsule base station to access your internet network, your Nabaztag is speechless and can’t connect anymore on the network; resulting on two steady green lights and the third light on the right blinking orange?

Well, try this and it should work

  • Connect to the NabaztagXX wireless network
  • Go to the advanced configuration page -
  • Change the address of the violet platform from to
  • Then clic the ‘update & start’ button, your Nabaztag will restart. Yooupiie it’s talking again! :))

More help, here, here and here.

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Way to the Evento Blog party&#8230; A very great time in Sevilla, tapas, cool peeps,&#8230; You guys rock!

Mas Tumblr peeps in Seville!  This meetup was organized by the impossibly sweet Álvaro Cuesta :)
You guys are awesome.  Thank you!!

Way to the Evento Blog party… A very great time in Sevilla, tapas, cool peeps,… You guys rock!


Mas Tumblr peeps in Seville!  This meetup was organized by the impossibly sweet Álvaro Cuesta :)

You guys are awesome.  Thank you!!

Reblogged from David's Log

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Some tumblr &#8216;s statistics by David Karp at Eventoblog

Some tumblr ‘s statistics by David Karp at Eventoblog

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attending Pecha Kucha Night Brussels, SciTech Europe 09, Evento Blog España, TEDxBrussels …

Wanna meet me in November? I am attending the following events and conferences.

Pecha Kucha Night on November 6th at the BoZar. Pecha-Kucha is a Japanese term pronounced “pe-chak-cha”, from the sound of conversation (‘chit chat’, ‘blabla’). It’s a very interesting concept started in Japan in 2003 initially intended for young designers to show their work in public. The idea? Speakers present 20 images X 20 seconds each slide for a total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds. For the Brussels volume 10, we will assist at 17 presentations from designers to photographers, musicians, artists, thinkers… My Man is presenting the state of NOW. Wondering what he is going to present. Let’s trust the artist!

SciTech Europe 09 on November 12th at Brussels. It’s a full day conference with a drink reception prior to the event on Wednesday November 11th. I am particularly interested in sessions about collaborative research and joint research, and about innovation across Europe in general. The conference is organized in masterclasses in 4 streams: Health, Research & Investment, Future Technologies, Environment and Energies.

How cool is that? I have got a free ticket for the conference. Thanks to Santa Clause before Christmas! That’s what I meant one day in a tweet :)

Evento Blog España on November 13th to 15th in Sevilla. I am joining the Belgian delegation gathered around the Evento Blog España is the 2nd most important European event about Participative Web after Leweb in Paris; over 1000 attendees. For the first time, I will not need to wake up at 6:30 am, sessions start at 10-11:00 am (and the conference is held at the hotel). I love the Spanish clock :)

Here are the sessions I am attending: on Friday, ‘the digital natives' - 'nativo digitales' and 'the real-time web' - 'la web en tiempo real' roundtables; on Saturday, I am attending David Karp presenting 'Tumbr’, the ’I own my own data' - 'mis datas son mios' and the 'state of the blogosphere: 10 years of blogs special (1999-2009)' - 'estado de la blogosfera: especial 10 años de blogs (1999-2009)' sessions, and on Sunday the surprise. By the way, I am wondering what it is! And of course I will join the ‘routa de la tapa' - 'tapas route' and the EBE party. The other time, I will be networking in a corner of the hall. Now, time to re-practice my Spanish after 3 years of lack of practice!

Actually I am flying just after the SciTech Europe 09 on November 12th, it’s gonna be challenging to catch the plane on time!

TEDx Brussels on Monday November 23th at the European Parliament. It’s a local TED-like event, where ‘x’ stands for independently organized TED event. For those who don’t know, TED is for Technology Entertainment Design, it’s an annual event where the world’s fascinating thinkers and doers are invited to give a talk. Here are the links to the recorded TED talks and the programme of the TEDxBrussels event. I am impatient to see these talks: “welcome to our house”, “one laptop per child”, “brussels 2.0”, “three marabouts” and “open everything”.

Hope to meet some folks there!

Now heading to Café Numérique to see friends and drink a beer. Today topic: “Google is your friend”. May be I will come back with a Google t-shirt?!

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Knowledge Plaza, a Collaborative Platform for Researchers and Experts

For friends following me on twitter, I have sometimes tweeted about Knowledge Plaza

Today, let me briefly introduce you to a tool I have been using these last months. It’s brilliant and far the best knowledge management and social search platform I have ever used.

Knowledge Plaza empowers members of the same workspaces to share and manage internet bookmarks, documents, files, e-mails, contacts, as well as their own expertise.

It’s an all in one product; at the same time

  • a social networking
  • a social bookmarking
  • a document & file repository
  • a social team search engine
  • a wiki

Here are the top 4 features I felt in love of

  • Full text search.
  • Mosaic* concept: Public Mosaics I share with others and private Mosaics where I collect and organize my knowledge, my works.
  • Mosaic export: a zip file containing a set of folders (files, websites and contacts) and a pdf with an overview of the mosaic including all wiki pages, websites thumbnails and an overview of every tiles associated to the mosaic. Clic the export button and you have your report, easy and simple!
  • And above all, the “I am a Search Engine”, everyone in the plaza can be used as a Search Engine. It’s more efficient and less time consuming to search info directly inside an expert’s repository (expert as a search engine).

To help me write my previous post about usage of social media and web 2.0 tools by high education institutions, I decided first to create a mosaic - University 2.0 Mosaic* in my private workspace - and started collecting and organizing info around the topic. See the screenshot below. Thus, the University 2.0 post was born.

As a science and research 2.0 enthusiast, I also share a mosaic around web 2.0 tools for scientists and researchers.

Here is a sample of websites I have bookmarked and stored in the Research 2.0 Mosaic.

Now, imagine international projects involving researchers from all over the world with a number of different expertise (or simply local projects inside a lab), it can be very hard to collaborate around a same project and manage tons of info, or write a paper involving many co-authors. Knowledge Plaza makes the collaboration between researchers easy and the lab/expert’s knowledge available for the whole community at the same time.

The following demo on the climate change can help to grab the concepts and the main features of Knowledge Plaza.

* Useful basic definitions

  • A tile: piece of information. ie: emails, documents, websites, contacts, references, etc.
  • A mosaic : is where you package knowledge to collaborate, annotate, share and export. A collection of tiles organized and discussed around a theme. ie: climate change, etc.

** A product from Whatever Company, see their website.

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